Interesting Photo Ops in and around the Capital

As one of the most diverse and colorful nations on the planet, Guatemala is without a doubt a paradise for photographers. While the countryside, towns and secondary cities will most likely be your priority destinations for snapping images, the capital and surrounding areas also offer a variety of specific areas that may be of interest to photographers.

OJO - It should go without saying that a camera or camera bag may draw unwanted attention and may make you a target for thieves. Before visiting, do your own research of these areas and use common sense once there.

The Wholesale Market (Central de Mayoreo - CENMA)

Where:Look for signs as you head south out of town on the road to Escuintla and Puerto San José.
What you will find: Patterns galore, major stashes of fruits and vegetables, multi-colored crates, long lines of barrels painted "Muni Green" and decent views of a couple of volcanoes as a backdrop.


The General Guatemala City Cemetery

Where: 20 Calle Final Avenida Cementerio, Zone 1.
What you will find: Lose yourself in a maze of walled burial chambers where crypts decorated with flowers are stacked up to 8 high! The back side of the cemetery looks out over the city dump, which together with the flocks of zopilotes provides an interesting photo destination in and of itself.


The Las Flores Cemetery

Where: Off the road to Antigua (Final calzada Roosevelt), Kilometer 16.5, Zone 7, Mixco
What you will find: Extensive grounds with a surprisingly diverse range of memorial styles. Several different gardens. Also an enjoyable place to plop yourself down down under a tree to read, do some sketching or take a snooze.


The Aerial Tramway in Atitlán & the Las Ninfas Park

Where: In front of the public beach in Amatitlán
What you will find: Aerial views of the town and the green lake that oozes alongside it. Colorful docked boats, low-budget fair activities and eateries.