How to use Vos (voseo) with friends in Guatemala

If you become good buds with a Guatemalan, sooner or later you may hear them say something to the extent that it sounds weird that you keep using with them instead of vos. You really want to do things right but you already put in soooo much time learning all the differences between and usted that the thought of learning a whole other set of rules for yet another way to refer to an individual makes your head spin. Don't fret. Below is a down and dirty method to get you using vos in hardly no time at all. Best of all, unlike there are not many exceptions when using vos.

Note: This is not a comprehensive guide to voseo prepared by a linguist and you very well may want to do some additional research. That said, follow these two rules and you will be speaking like a Guatemalan today (umm, accent and all other issues aside).

Rule 1: The stress goes at the end of the word
Rule 2: No stem changes (well, almost none)

That's it. So, Comprame una cerveza becomes Compráme una cerveza. And ¿Vienes con nosotros mañana? becomes ¿Venís con nosotros mañana?. The following tables have a few examples:

Present Indicative
Infinitive Vos
Andar Andás Andas
Contar Contás Cuentas
Escribir Escribís Escribes
Sentir Sentís Sientes
Comer Comés Comes
Poder Podés Puedes
Infinitive Vos
Hablar Hablá Habla
Contar Contá Cuenta
Escribir Escribí Escribe
Venir Vení Ven
Comer Comé Come
Tener Tené Ten